Our heart at Gateway Church extends beyond the four walls of our building.
We believe in the global church as a whole and place importance on sowing into our local community as well as sowing in to global missions

Local Missions

We decided some time ago that sowing into missions in the “backyard” of our church was as important as sowing into other countries and cultures.

When you hear the word missions at Gateway, we are saying that “we believe that God has commanded us to go to Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the earth to share Jesus and see His salvation, compassion and goodness offered to all.”

Jerusalem being Local, Samaria being our Nation and the World being Global.

*Tax-deductible giving available.

Our 24 seater bus transports children and adults from within our community to and from events and programs held at Gateway Church Geelong. The aim is to give access to people who may not have had it otherwise.

The Bus Ministry helps us support our generations ministries, as well as being able to bring people to church from our local community who would otherwise not be able to come. The impact of this mission is generational and impacts people daily.

*Tax-deductible giving available.

Food, Household Consumables, Health & Hygiene Products

We have been active for many years in getting food to people when they most need it. This is something we continue to do. With your help, we will always have resources to give families the support that they require.

Every year we specifically distribute food to families around the Christmas holidays so that each family can have a Christmas that they remember fondly in years to come.

We have started the collection of quality dry goods and storable goods to support local families in a tough time. We are as passionate about loving others as we are called to love ourselves! You will be able to deposit your food into food storage bins in the foyer.

*Tax-deductible giving available.

Student Services conducts breakfast, sports programs and mentoring programs in the local community and school.

*Tax-deductible giving available.


  • To Reach teenagers with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To Raise up youth leaders
  • To Resource local youth ministries
  • To Revive the youth generation with God’s power

Youth Alive is a Christian organisation that operates in every state of Australia. The concept for Youth Alive was formed in 1982 at a camp in Victoria. It was birthed out of a genuine concern and passion for reaching young Australians with a positive message.

Over 30 years later Youth Alive Victoria exists to reach teenagers with the message and love of Jesus Christ through local Youth Ministries. Each year they run large-scale youth events as well as various training, leadership and relational support programs in high schools and ministries all across the state.

Youth Alive is committed to supporting the local church and local youth ministries. This is achieved through the resource Youth Alive provides with events, leadership development the Youth Alive network and practical resource.

Short Term Missions Trips

This involves people with a mission or serving gift being activated to Go to the mission field on a short term mission trip.
These trips will be led by our Missions Team. The specific purpose will be to activate skills and gifts and find a way to support and serve communities both locally and abroad. Our first trip will have a global focus. Whatever your gift or skill, let’s talk about how it could be activated to Love, Reach, Include and Restore people and empower Stronger Communities.

Global Missions

We are called to be a church that not only has an impact locally but globally.

For many years Gateway Church Geelong has been an active supporter of missions projects all over the world.

We are currently supporting a missionary on the ground in Iraq. They are connected to individuals and people groups that are significantly oppressed and in need of love, support and care. We as a church are committed to supporting those both locally and abroad who are downtrodden and left to fend for themselves while suffering sizeable loss personally and as a people group.

*Tax-deductible giving available.

Christ centred. Child focused. Church based.

Compassion primarily works with individual children through our Child Sponsorship Program. We have been involved in individual child development for about 60 years. During this time we have discovered that working with children is a highly effective way of changing communities because changed people inevitably change their circumstances. Compassion’s holistic child development model is designed to help reduce the vulnerability of children and their families and build their resilience through year-round nutrition, health, education and income generation support.

*Tax-deductible giving available.

ACCI is a Christian organisation focused on both missions and relief and is the missionary sending and support agency of the Australian Christian Churches movement (our movement).

ACCI Missions

ACCI Missions’ vision is for a world where all people have the opportunity to experience the gospel. To see whole life transformation in individuals, families and communities by empowering people to love well.

As a missionary sending agency, ACCI Missions exists to train, support and mobilise field workers who are involved in mission’s ministries – like evangelism, church planting and leadership training. We also support, train and mobilise workers for aid and development activities – including disaster relief, poverty alleviation, community empowerment and child-centred development. 

ACCI Relief

ACCI Relief’s vision is for a world where Christian principles of justice and equality are actualised. Where individuals, families and communities are empowered to influence decisions affecting their own lives, advocate for their own rights as human beings with equal voice and equal value under the premise that all life has intrinsic value before God who created life. Where every child’s right to a family is upheld and defended.

ACCI Relief’s mission is to see whole life transformation in individuals, families and communities by empowering our people to love well and develop holistic and sustainable solutions to combat injustice, reverse the effects of human poverty and to engage communities as active participants in their own development.

“A movement of Australian Christians working
to transform communities and nations, one life at a time.”

Nations / Ends of the Earth

Gateway has supported Missionaries and Christian Ministries around the globe who are committed to the commission and care of all people. These nations include but are not limited to Iraq, Syria, Israel, Ukraine, Indonesia and Malaysia.

These missionaries and ministries are sharing the Hope of  Jesus by working to meet the genuine needs of people groups that have suffered significant oppression at the hands of multiple governmental, political, religious and other regimes. Tangible support is given to the hungry, those who have fled war, slavery, ethnic cleansing and in many cases certain death because of the beliefs that they have. 

Their main purpose is to be with communities, families, and individuals to minister the love of God in word and action. 

Any finance that we send is used to reach the real needs of individuals within communities and to share the Hope of Jesus.  

  • We are giving toward seeing the people of all nations reached with the message of Jesus Christ. 
  • That they would join in the salvation that God has made available for both the “insiders & outsiders” 
  • That prodigals would be “Known” by God the Father through Jesus. 

It is our prayer that through missionaries and ministries, that all people have the opportunity to turn to Jesus and be cared for in the way of Jesus as described in Matthew 25:35-40

We support a number of different churches and initiatives working within Israel, empowering the growth of the local church.

During this next season of missions giving we will continue to partner with churches on the ground in Israel. All of the churches that we partner with, hold true to the same biblical beliefs that we do as an ACC church; see beliefs here.


Romans 10:1 NLT
Dear brothers and sisters, the longing of my heart and my prayer to God is for the people of Israel to be saved.

As a church, Gateway has always been generous toward giving to Israel with our prayer and finance.

To be clear, we are giving toward seeing the people of Israel reached with the message of Jesus Christ.

That they would join in the salvation that God has made available for both the “insiders & outsiders”

That together we would all be “Known” by God through Jesus.

It has always been God’s heart towards His people and we now join with Him to see His Children come home.

Gateway Stronger Communities Initiative is a deductible gift recipient and public benevolent institution.

Gateway Stronger Communities is mandated for the following;

  • Victims of crime (including family violence)
  • Victims of disaster
  • Financially disadvantaged people
  • Families
  • Unemployed persons
  • Other charities
  • Emergency Relief
  • Community Pantry
    (Food, Household Consumables, Health & Hygiene Products)

Next Steps

Regardless of where you are at on your journey, we believe that there is a next step for you.
Most of the next steps listed below do not need to be completed in any specific order. Take your Next Step today.