Ways to Give

Our yearly miracle offering is a practice where we prayerfully commit to seeking God, for how we can join Him through partnering with Gateway Church, to see His Kingdom come to all people.

Our yearly miracle offering is a practice where we prayerfully commit to seeking God, for how we can join Him through partnering with Gateway Church, to see His Kingdom come to all people.

We believe it is imperative for each of us to know our defining moments of provision and miracles where God has supplied every need, where we have walked through dry river beds, where we have stood against every opposition, power, principality and stepped into the promises and leading of God.

DEFINING MOMENT – In 1999 Gateway Church was blessed to have Ps. Phil and Glenys join us as Senior Pastors. They led us throughout the next 15 years in faith to see many miracles, promises and defining moments come to pass.

DEFINING MOMENT – We purchased 5 acres on the Bellarine Highway in a massive step of faith and supernatural provision while still renting a building in Geelong West. The church body had been faithful and had paid just over half of the land off on the highway and then with a miracle of God’s provision, a couple contributed close to $60,000 to clear the loan with one cheque.

DEFINING MOMENT – After renting a school and setting up for Sunday services week to week, we started renting our current Moolap Station Road building so we would have a permanent venue requiring no setup or pack down. During this time we had the feeling that this could be home, however, the building was owned by another faith-based organisation.

We put together a video to present the vision and mission of our church to the owners. They liked what they saw and partnered with the vision. They gifted us this building for the same price they paid for it many years before. Through God’s miraculous provision we secured finance with a $50,000 deposit.

We now have a permanent building on 15 acres that has been fit out and developed; making possible our mission of being planted within the greater community.

We could go on with the financial provisions, the lives changed, the dry river beds crossed, the awe and reverence moments, the provision of projects that have developed the 15 acres of property that we are on.

We now find ourselves in a place where we are believing for greater defining moments, for miracles, provision that are supernatural and powerful… why?

So we can continue the work of the Gospel in Geelong, Australia and abroad. We believe that we are personally and collectively called to be out in the wild seeing people loved and restored as the gospel reaches them with grace and love.

We are called and purposed in Jesus to participate and contribute to the gospel going out and the Kingdom growing through the local church.

We exist to care for our community and connect every individual and their families to God;
to see them loved, reached, included and restored.

That all would have the opportunity for relationship with God and know God’s grace to all.

1. For our Moolap land and building loan

There are bigger dreams that God has called us to dream. This is about being able to direct finances to our loan so that future development, church planting and resourcing the mission is possible in our time.

2. Building Care, Maintenance and Improvements

Believing to take care of PA Speakers, Gutters, Downpipes, Roofing.
Why? Part of being a beacon of light and hope to our suburbs and city means that we need to care and value what God has provided for us as a resource to care for others.

For each of us; spending time in prayer, asking God, what is it that you would like me or our family to give to this miracle offering? Allowing space for God to speak clearly and activate the gift of faith to believe for provision beyond natural circumstance.

To clarify, this offering is outside of our normal tithes and offerings. It is specifically targeted at a number of things.

We believe that we are called to have maximum impact as a local church and a church that influences in broader contexts locally and abroad. That’s why we have committed to this annual practice of Building the House through our miracle offering. We are believing that our building will continually developing, cared for, that mission continues, projects will commence and that our involvement in church planting flourishes. We are believing that as we make way with a generous and sacrificial heart, that the way is made for others to do the same.


Prayerfully consider what your sacrificial contribution will be to see our church build and expand for the future. It’s not about equal giving but equal sacrifice. As each individual/family plays a part, together we can have a significant impact.


Plan for generosity. Every significant sacrifice requires a plan. Never underestimate the power of budgeting for your generosity.


Put your commitment into action by bringing your offering on September 30th. (You are welcome to give over a number of weeks if needed)

Sunday Services

Cash / Credit Card or Giving Envelope
Collect from Community Hub


At the cafe in the church foyer on Sundays

Direct Bank Transfer

BSB: 013 645 | Acc No: 4637 82117
Description: Miracle Offering

Building Maintenance

You can also give by contributing your time and talent through helping with building maintenance, repairs, construction, fabrication and cleaning.