June 12, 2020

Real-life Families – Navigating Spaces

Naomi Eden

Navigating new spaces in this season with our families was always going to present its challenges. But for all of us, these spaces would bring unknown challenges that we had not prepared for, let alone be given the time to process.

For families, navigating online school, children with special needs and single-parent households, these can hold reality for all of us.

Some days we pull it off (hooray) and some days we definitely don’t. We want to encourage all families, that this is a journey and as we know not all journeys are smooth, but they always have a destination!

His Encouragement, Our Faith

Two things are necessary on this journey: His encouragement and our faith. It’s an encouragement that builds you up; a faith that makes you hold on, with great trust, in God.

He helps you with his grace! His grace provides you with his might, his power and his efficiency to get you to the other side and during this time. Boy, do we need it. (Can I get an amen!)

So we just wanted to encourage you and to remind you, as families, we are in this together and God is with you, always.

A New Series on Real-life Families Starting Now

And so we’ve asked a couple of parents over the coming weeks to share with us their experiences and insights about what their current journey looks like – and to encourage us with what God is doing to help navigate and lead them through this.
For all of us, we’re real-life families.

Naomi – My Journey

During this time Naomi has been giving time to church, as well as being a carer to her three boys with Lee. With additional health needs and health issues within the family, there was always going to be great strengths – as well as challenges – in this new space.

Together, let us be encouraged by her testimony – about God’s continual grace in our lives.

This is a glimpse into her real-life family

Help! I’m struggling. It wasn’t until the other night that I realised how much I was.

Was it the kid’s meltdowns, continual dishes, isolation or just never-ending laundry making me feel this way?

For whatever the reason, everything felt like it had got on top of me.

Feeling overwhelmed, sad and to be honest, a bit self-condemned, the Holy Spirit dropped a thought into my ditch which reached my heart:

Remember, when God looks at you, all he sees is his precious son Jesus. You’re focused on yourself at the moment and your lack, but God’s focus is His son who lives in you.
So when God looks at you, you Naomi are worthy, lovely, beautiful, righteous and true.
So fix your mind on these things. Remind yourself what is true.

Then this scripture came alive in the valley of my heart…

Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we’ll skip and dance all the day long. Psalm 90:14 MSG

Honestly, I woke up feeling I had crossed from the valley depths to the mountain peak – and the view was breathtaking. I felt refreshed and just plain happy.
This was always going to be what only the Lord, my Lord could do. He got me out of the ditch! So, be encouraged, “He who began a good work in you will complete it” (Philippians 1:6 NKJV). He loves us so much and he will always get you to the other side.  

P.S My kids have actually been pretty good and because of online school……I get to sleep in!!! Also my mum has been baking for me! #hoorayforthemountaintops– Naomi Eden

All of us, no matter what challenges and journeys our families may be facing, we are in this together with one another. Together we can share insight, encouragement, support and, most importantly, stand together on the truth of God’s word and grace as He helps us to lead our families well in our everyday real-life moments.

Until next time,
Real-life families of Gateway.

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