July 14, 2020

Real-life Families – Asking Questions

Rachel McConachy

Hey, real-life families!

Well, time certainly has been ticking as we continue to navigate ourselves and our families during this time. One thing that we’ve found on this journey that is important is, God’s encouragement! His Encouragement is something that continually builds you, your faith and your trust in Him.

This month, we asked our dear friend Rachel McConachy to share with us her experiences with God and just how she has learned to navigate herself during her everyday living. Rachel is newly married, works with children in after school care, loves coffee and opera singing! Let’s be encouraged by her testimony!

This is a glimpse into her real-life family…

Slowing Down, Trying New Things

Since the lockdown started, I’ve been fortunate to still be working at a primary school running an After hours school care (OSHC)  service.

And for each session, morning and afternoon we generally have had no more than 10 children. Well, that made such a difference, we could sit and spend time with them and it was much more peaceful as opposed to the often busy and chaotic times. I knew the children liked doing puzzles so I went out and bought some really nice puzzles – I say it’s for the kids but truth be told I enjoyed it just as much, if not more. Sitting there puzzling away while talking to the children was very relaxing.

Even cooking has been different  I normally don’t like cooking but found myself cooking a lot more and trying different recipes. “Curried sausages! who knew they were easy and tasty”. Unlike my sister, I stick to minimal ingredients and ones you can buy from the normal/local supermarket.

…I can just hear the conversation in my head if I was to be pulled over by the police completely away from where I live – “Yes officer, I’m so sorry but this ingredient is an essential necessity for my casserole!”

Asking Questions Like Children

One thing I’ve observed about children over the years is how many questions they ask!
Questions that sometimes I have the answer to, some I don’t (but at times I’ve been known to make up an answer!) And the best type of questions – are the ones that have already been asked 10 times that day!! I try to remain patient so that I’m answering in a calm manner with no sarcasm whatsoever.

It made me think of myself and how many times I’ve asked the same questions to God over and over again – especially if I don’t feel like I’m getting the answer I want.

My questions have often been:

  • When will this happen?
  • When will I find my husband?
  • Did you really promise, I mean really, really promise?

How patient is our God! Because it’s not just me but millions of people all at the same time asking Him questions.

Thank goodness He is loving, gracious and merciful and doesn’t respond to me in a sarcastic manner.

Listening For Answers

I’ve taught myself to be patient when talking to God and to take the time to say, “Lord speak to me, I am listening. Because I need your truth, your guidance and your wisdom. Speak to me Lord, for I am listening. As I read Your word, which is truth, speak to me Lord.”

And you know what? He does! He comes with His presence and speaks life and truth with His perfect timing. Thank you Lord!

Questions…we all have them! Let’s be encouraged that God’s word is never empty but full of truth and life. We are all in this together and it’s together that we can share insight, encouragement and support as we stand together on the truth of God’s word.

Our God listens, He responds and He answers! Let that be your declaration over you and your family.

I close with this: He who began a good work in you will complete it. (Philippians 1:6 NKJ Version)

His promises do come to pass, His Word does not return void or empty. He loves us so much that no matter how many questions we ask, He does listen and He will respond and answer –  Rachel McConachy

Until next time,
Real-life families of Gateway.

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