July 30, 2020

His Guiding, His Sunshine

Bee Reeves

This has been a week of revelations, of seeing the work God has done in me and around me, of knowing He has great things ahead!

Snapshot Moments of His Guiding

I saw, like snapshots, defining moments of Holy Spirit prompting and guidance. The joy those moments brought!
Like childbirth, the dark moments faded into insignificance as I saw His plan unfolding.

The snapshots unfolded, beginning with my surrender to His gift and guidance, through my early days of discovering and learning, to the change in the relationships with my family. My sister has had a similar journey and we are now walking out our callings together, studying and training to equip us to be the best disciples and witnesses for Christ that we can be. We encourage each other to intentionally position ourselves to receive all He has for us by seeking the Holy Spirit and choosing wisely.

A Vision For The Future

My “boom” moment was when God showed me the picture He gave me when I first asked Him where He wanted me to go.

I saw myself holding the hand of someone lying in a bed, in need. I had never encountered or thought about chaplaincy but as clearly as He had shown me that Gateway Church was to be my spiritual family, He showed me that this was my fit.

The moment came after an interview for a volunteer chaplaincy position. I almost missed this opportunity… I had misplaced two emails advertising it so when a fellow ‘chappy’ spoke about it I applied at the last minute. The Zoom meeting giving details on the position, in a ground-breaking programme, was so exciting – I was keen to be involved.

But I felt His peace…if this door wasn’t to open, then He would open another.
So, when my interview time came I felt so relaxed. I was able to talk – and even laugh – with the panel without the usual anxiety of such a formal situation.

When they confirmed that I’d be part of the programme I was thrilled!

I could see how God had led me to this moment, and His goodness in fulfilling His promises, in hearing my heart’s cry.He has delivered these realisations with such love. It’s a sure promise that He has been, is and always will be, waiting for me to call on Him.

My Sunshine In The Winter

It’s left me feeling super-charged, so full of Holy Spirit strength and surety. There is an ease to my time and movements, I know He has me and that when challenges inevitably come at me, He will walk with me and guide me through.

This morning He showed me a dark, brooding sky with a brilliant sun bursting through.
He is our sunshine in our season of winter and COVID.
He showed me that sunshine is my internal light, the lamp that will light my way and bring others to His hope.

There’s beauty in what He gives is: joy, and walls he helps us break down! It’s also a beauty that shines out of us to encourage others.

His plan is such an intricate and masterfully orchestrated one that it radiates from within us, rippling through every area we are taken. Hallelujah!

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